Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Autumn Burlap Place mats {DIY}

I have a few projects on my list to do and I have completed a couple that I would like to share.

First, I was inspired when we had company over a few weeks ago and I when I went to set the table in something "Fall-ish",  I soon discovered that there were not enough matching place mats for everyone.  I love how my table fits 10 people, but I do not have 10 place mats that match.  So...I had a mission to make at least 10-12 matching Autumn inspired place mats....for the next time.   I visited my favorite store for material Joanns and came across some burlap with Fall print and it was on sale.  Bonus!  Here was my final product (only 4 mats showing). Read below to see how I did it.

I started with 2 yards of  this burlap.  I thought the Autumn Inspirations was perfect.  Since it has a design printed on it the cutting was so simple.  I took a place mat I currently had and used that as my size guide.  Two sides of the burlap were already sewn and frayed so I just went with that and cut the material approx. 12" x 19."  I didn't do a lot of measuring, I used the wording on the material as my guide.  After I cut out a mat I would sew a half inch seam on the opposite end from the frayed side.  Then I ironed the top and bottom hems, this made it super easy with no pinning.  I ironed over approx. a 1/2 in. hem.  Finally, I sewed the hems down and frayed the side I had previously sewn.   Here, if you look closely you can see my 1/2 inch. seem on the right side.

Here, you can see (through the blur) the sewn top hem.

Top view:

Because this material was 47" wide I was able to cut perfectly 12 mats.  The piece of material left in the middle was approx. 11" wide and 73" long, perfect for a runner and no left overs.  I followed the same procedure for the runner as I did with the mats, except I had to fray each end.

The Breakdown:

2 yards
  • 47'' Wide
  • 100% Jute

My Cost: $6.99/yard - approx. $15 plus thread I already had.  

Savings:  I found some basic burlap mats on Amazon for $2.99.  That would be $36 for 12, plus the table runner. I found at a comparable size @ $40 again just plain.- Total for amazon: $76
Total Saving:  approx. $61

....and mine are prettier.  ;)



  1. What a beautiful idea, Lara! And you did such a great job! I would LOVE to try that! :)

  2. Thanks Karin! They really were so easy. Burlap is great to work with.


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