Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Homemade Linen Bread Bag {DIY}

For my last project I made a bread bag.  Why would I want to do that you ask?  Well here's the short of it:  fresh crusty type bread stored in a plastic bag quickly becomes spongy. Bread stored in a paper bag becomes hard. Bread stored in a linen cloth sack stays crusty and fresh much longer.  

Picture (left) actually has two loaves of homemade Ciabatta Bread  from one of my favorite recipe websites!

This bread bag is made from a re-purposed vintage linen cloth calendar. I found one with the year I was born and a prayer on the bottom.  - $13 from Etsy.  

Because I wanted to keep as much of the prayer at the bottom visible, I made my bag slightly longer than a loaf of french or sour dough bread would be.  I sewed the two long sides, right sides together.   Then I hemmed the bottom to the width I wanted.  Then I hemmed the top about 3 inches or more.  ( I did not want to cut the material).  Next, I sewed with a straight seam about 3/4 inch from the top of the material.  Thus creating a place for my draw string.  I used cotton cording from Joann's, and knotted the ends.  These bags can be made more horizontal or cut shorter it is all up to what you want.

The finished bag showing both sides.

The finished bag.

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  1. LOVE the bread bag! My son just became a Bread/Pastry Chef, and these would be great for the breads he's making!

    1. Caryn, thanks for stopping by. So glad you enjoyed the bread bag post. They are wonderful and I wish your son all the best in his baking!


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